Having ADHD can make things that might be easy for other people more harder for me.

Having ADHD is hard but going to school makes it harder. There are a lot things you need to remember. which is hard because having ADHD makes it hard to keep important thoughts in your head which creates problems for you in school eg. to remember homework or your PE kit​. but my SENCO has helped me though this and she has given me lots of tips to keep on track.

I find making friends hard because I find that people push me away because I talk and annoy people too much. So every time you can do something nice for some one, do it because then people will take the time to get to know you, and they will find out that you aren't being annoying on purposes and that you are a nice person that need a little help sometimes. 

If I find I am getting worked up then that is fine because having ADHD can make you get upset over very small things like clearing out old toys.  Sometimes when people arn't kind to me they can upset me but if you fell like that then you must tell someone about it because talking to someone about your problems can make things better.

At home I still find it hard to remember things because my mum is there to remind me, but having a routine always helps. because most days I have a stressful day at school I come home stressed most days but I listen to music and that normally calms me down and also music also helps me to remember things because I relate a certain tune to a certain task.